Friday, January 25, 2002

Been a long time...

Life goes on, the universe ticks away the hours... still I don´t have much to say, really. Those small moments of insight pass unnoticed many times, caught up as we are in the turmoil of everyday living.

Yet change is inevitable. It´s subtle and unstoppable if you are one of those who cannot stop yourself from searching, looking, listening, scratching, rooting around in the woods of your mind, turning every stone, dirtying your hands in the process - and maybe as a reward one day, that you catch one of these rare glimpses of insight. You hold it then, for some treasured moments, as a shivering butterfly it rests on your spread out palms... ere it takes flight and disappears swiftly.

But take heart. It will shed its wings and come to rest. And the wings will add to the layers in your mind and become to fertile soil for your soul.