Friday, January 05, 2001

The Swedish monk Wilfried Stinnissen said:

"I probably dare say that you should never seek an 'experience' of God, for in doing that we circulate inside of ourselves and our own emotions."

He meant that we don´t even have to seek God for we are "swimming in God!"

God is everywhere, within and without, and ever present. Why then do we have to seek Him?

There are people who get dazzled by different kinds of outer manifestations of religiosity. Maybe it´s a sign of the times we live in. We all need to find our own center and experience a closeness to God. But it´s easy to mistake an experience of exaggerated emotion or even elation for a true and deep connection with God. Those phases will wear off, they will not last.

A life with God, in God, will probably only be possible if we allow it to take time, and if we work at it dedicatedly with study, prayers and meditation as well as with profound and respectful discussions with those who have wandered on the path before us.