Monday, December 11, 2000

The Doors to the Horizon

To open the doors to the Horizon, that is what the ancients did every morning in every temple all over Kemet. It meant opening the doors to the naos - the shrine where the God was present. It meant placing oneself in the Presence of the Divine.

It also meant that Re, after having been reborn out of the darkness of the Underworld, was entering the Dayboat to let His light shine on a newly recreated world. It was the recreation of Zep Tepi, the 'First Time'.

The beginning of every year, every month, every day, every minute, every second, is a recreation of the First Time. This bears some pondering...

It has some consequences on our daily life, how we recreate it, how we live it...

The Horizon, the place between day and night, between Chaos and Order, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between the Created and the Uncreated, the place where dreams and fantasies breed and flicker. It is the place we all return to and which we all depart from.

It opens possibilites, it holds a promise. It is a sensitive spot where the fibres of the Universe is thin. Netjer shines through here, perhaps easier than anywhere else in Creation.